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Windsurfing Canada is a not-for-profit organization which is dedicated to making the windsurfing experience a positive one for all participants. 

As a member, you will receive:

• A unique registered Sail Number

• Opportunity to participate in events with the
   possibility of obtaining a national ranking

• Opportunity to meet and learn from other
   windsurfing athletes/enthusiasts.


• Travel Insurance is available to members when
   they travel for both pleasure and competitive





We are seeing a renewed interest in windsurfing since it was reinstated into the 2016 and 2020 Olympics with RSX remaining the Class board. New junior programs are developing and growing in Ontario and Quebec.   With this rejuvenation in the industry Windsurfing Canada has put new resources into promoting windsurfing as a recreational and competitive sport. Windsurfing Canada’s goal over the next year is to maintain a membership registry with assigned sail numbers for those who race and for those who just want to keep a number in case they attend local, fun races. With the new club and association membership option, we will be able to promote the services and programs that are offered by our member clubs/associations. The new business membership will allow us to list the businesses on our website with a link to their websites. We will keep in communication with our membership and be the windsurfing link across Canada.

Our future vision is to promote windsurfing by hosting championships, special learn to windsurf weekends, advanced clinic and to be a resource for those wanting to get into windsurfing or just improve their skills.

Please support Windsurfing Canada by becoming a member.