Windsurfing 2017 & Beyond


by Andree Gauthier   February 2017

This year Windsurfing Canada would like to introduce some key Canadian windsurfers and their plans for 2017 and beyond.  Olivia Mew (RSX), Ingrid Larouche (Pro waves), Max Robinson (Youth Development) and  Phil Soltysiak (pro freestyle). 



The 2017 RS:X racing season started off with Sailing World Cup Miami that took place Jan 22 to 29th. Myself and Gabriel Verrier-Paquette attended as the 2 sole Canadian windsurfers competing in the event.


The World Cup consisted of 39 men and 34

women in the fleet. This event featured the
new generation of RS:X equipment for the
next quad including bright fluorescent colors
(orange/purple for the 8.5, and yellow/pink
for the men), and a new version of the RS:X
board also in fluorescent colors.

The next regatta on the circuit will be part of
the World Cup Series in Hyeres taking place
in April 2017.



 After that, the world cup final will be in Santander in June. The European Championship will be in Marseille, France in May. Next, the test event for the 2018 World Championships will be held in Denmark in August. This year’s World Championship will be from 16-23rd September in Enoshima, Japan.

Beyond 2017, the Pan American Game Qualification regattas will begin starting spring 2018, along with 2020 Olympic country qualification starting with the World championship in 2018.

RS:X has been selected as an official sailing class for the 2020 Olympic Games. After much discussion over the addition of foiling windsurfing, it has been decided that the classes remain the same as the Rio Olympics to keep consistency. Although kiting has not been confirmed as an Olympic event for 2020, RS:X has definitely been confirmed.

We are very excited to see what the new quadrennial will bring to windsurfing in Canada!



I have recently switched sponsors and am now on Ezzy sails!  I am excited for 2017 season as I am thinking of stepping away from doing the pro tour, and just compete in a couple events that most interest me. I instead want to travel to new places that have been on my bucket list for years!
Should be an exciting season!





I'm in Cape Town for 2 months of training this winter. I'm preparing for the upcoming season during which I plan to compete on the PWA World Tour in freestyle, and at some of the US freestyle,slalom and wave& events. I'm also holding a windsurfing clinic in Cape Hatteras this April as part of the OBX-Wind week. I hope to see a lot of Canadians getting an early start to their windsurfing season there! Keep an eye on my website and blog for updated photos and stories from my







This season I have decided to focus on coaching RS:X as well as doing my own wave/freestyle windsurfing locally and as an amateur on the International Windsurfing Tour (IWT). This is the second year we have had an Ontario Windsurfing Team and the first year I will be coaching it. I am more than excited to have been given this opportunity to work with a very special group of youth who I believe have the potential to be competitive on an international scale in the near future.



What make windsurfing even more special is that there are so many different types of disciplines within the sport. From recreational windsurfing to a variety of racing categories, as well as freestyle and wave for those who choose to push their limits in the sport.

Windsurfing is taking off and it's not slowing down anytime soon!






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